Accreditation Documents

CACME Standards

The Committee on Accreditation of Continuing Medical Education (CACME) Standards provides the basis by which the quality of Canadian university offices of Continuing Medical Education will be judged in the peer-review process of accreditation.

CACME Rules of Procedure

The Rules of Procedure govern the implementation of the CACME accreditation process. Their purpose is to articulate the procedures used in the process of accrediting Canadian university offices of Continuing Medical Education to promote transparency and consistency in CACME actions.

CACME Data Collection Instrument (DCI)

The Data Collection Instrument (DCI) is a collection of forms to be completed by Canadian university offices of Continuing Medical Education as part of the CACME accreditation process.

Guide for CACME Accreditation Visits

The purpose of this document is to provide information on required activities before, during and after an accreditation review.

CACME Accreditation Visit Report Template

The report of an accreditation visit is the formal record of the findings related to the standards.  The report serves as the primary source of information for accreditation decisions by the CACME as the CACME will not have access to the DCI.

Guide to the CACME Internal Quality Review (IQR)

The Internal Quality Review (IQR) is a CACME-mandated, formative, mid-cycle continuous quality improvement (CQI) exercise within the 8-year accreditation cycle of Canadian university offices of Continuing Medical Education (CME). In addition to fostering CQI processes within CME offices, the IQR will help offices maintain compliance with accreditation standards throughout the accreditation cycle. A CME office is not required to provide the results of its IQR to CACME. At the conclusion of the IQR, the faculty dean and CME dean are required to confirm completion of the IQR by submitting an official sign-off form. The IQR and sign-off processes are codified in accreditation standard 4.1.1.

CACME Guide to the Activity Audit

An activity audit is conducted in collaboration with the Royal College, College of Family Physicians of Canada  and CACME Secretariat to ensure ongoing compliance with Standard 3.2. The CFPC and the Royal College will contact CPD offices to advise them of their respective audit requirements and timelines.