Site Visit Report Template

Nature and Flow of Documents

Self Study Report

  • See Guidelines for the visit (above) section on pre-survey preparation.

Site visit Report

  • The site visit Report should provide sufficient information such that the CACME can make an informed, independent decision regarding the accreditation status and follow up appropriate to foster the ongoing quality of CME/CPD at the school. Site visit reports should provide a brief contextual focus for CACME. Otherwise, the focus should be on identifying whether the evaluation criteria are met. The site visitors should provide information to support their position.
    Once reviews are complete, site visitors write their report and send it to the CACME Secretariat for review by the Secretary of CACME and then by the school. The review by the school is restricted to information about substantive content that was misunderstood or data that is factually incorrect. Following clarifying feedback from the reviewed school, the final report is sent to the CACME. The Secretariat is responsible for ensuring that the school obtains a copy at an appropriate time along with decisions/recommendations reached by CACME.

Download CACME Site Visit Report Template - ENGLISH1.doc