Guidelines for the visit

On-site visits normally take 1.5 to 2 days.

Site visitors should plan to arrive the evening before the visit to meet and discuss the pre-visit materials, the questions they plan to pose and the best respondent for their questions. This meeting will not involve anyone from the CME/CPD office. Similarly, the visitors will need to meet on the evening following the first day of the visit so that they can review their notes, discuss their findings, and plan the exit meeting and the report. [Social events with the site visitors and personnel from the school being visited (e.g., dinners and receptions) should not be scheduled during the visit.]

Meetings should be set up with the following, recognizing some flexibility will be needed based on University organizational structures, work and other associations relevant to the CME unit. It is not necessary to follow this list of suggestions exhaustively. Consider which people can provide which information related to the unit's overarching purpose, scope of activity, planning and implementation of educational programs and organization and administration.

  • Dean of the Faculty. This is always the first and the last interview. The first interview should be 30 - 45 minutes. Allow 45 minutes at the end for the wrap-up of the survey when the surveyors report on their findings to the Dean (and whoever he/she elects to have attend as well). (Mandatory)
  • Associate Dean/Director of CME. This is normally the 2nd interview and should be 60 minutes. (Mandatory)
  • Groups from within the Faculty
    • Associate Deans for UGME, PGME, and other educational and research portfolios, as appropriate
    • CME departmental representatives and/or Department heads
    • CME Committee (senior advisory or leadership committee)
    • Course directors (unless they are part of the CME Committee)
  • People who can describe the unit's research, innovations or special projects
  • Office staff
  • Tour of office and facilities
  • Physician learners

Others who might be considered

  • People from other units who work with the Office, i.e., faculty development, library, IT, etc.
  • Others who have an association with the Office. These may include representatives from the provincial chapter of CFPC, regulatory authority, government, Royal College RAC representative(s), health region(s). Be thoughtful about what their knowledge of the unit is and the contribution they will make to surveyor understanding of the unit's over arching purpose, organization, educational services or research and innovation.
  • People associated with key Office initiatives that unit wants surveyors to learn about due to their innovative nature, research impact, or national/international focus

Meetings can be face/face or by conference call. Allow enough time for an adequate discussion (generally 30 - 60 minutes). The time allocated may vary based on numbers involved in the meeting or the pertinence of the group to the Office and its activities. Depending on the size of the school and overlapping functions, separate meetings with all of the above may not be needed.

There should be regular breaks for the site visitors to reflect on what they have heard, compare notes, and prepare for the next interview. There should be a 1 hour time block immediately before the closing interview with the Dean to prepare for that feedback session.