Complaints about the CACME accreditation standards, policies, procedures, or operations are reviewed by the CACME.  Such complaints must be submitted in writing to the Secretariat and will not be considered if they are submitted anonymously.  If a member of the Secretariat staff is the subject of a complaint, the member will not participate in the investigation of or decision-making about the complaint.

The Secretariat will conduct an initial evaluation of any complaint about program quality to determine whether it represents potential noncompliance with accreditation standards.  If the Secretariat determines that the complaint presents evidence of one or more areas of noncompliance, the Dean of the medical school will be sent a copy of the complaint and will be given an opportunity to respond in writing.

If, after review of a valid complaint regarding educational program quality, the CACME determines that an office is not in compliance with relevant accreditation standards, it may request a status report, conduct a limited accreditation visit, or direct an accreditation visit team to review the issue(s) as part of an upcoming full accreditation visit.

The accreditation visit team conducting a full accreditation visit will receive documentation of complaints that have been found to relate to areas of noncompliance with accreditation standards.  Accreditation visit team members will also receive information on the final CACME action related to these complaints.

Complaints are acknowledged; however the complainant will not be informed of the result of any review.